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Related article: Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 00:18:13 -0400 From: Subject: Adventures with Creative Endeavors, Inc. (revised)Adventures with Creative Endeavors, Inc. By Stephanie (femme name) This is a work of fiction solely based on my own imagination and erotic interests. This is the first real story, let alone an erotic one, that I have actually fully completed, so I'd definitely appreciate any feedback that anybody whom reads these first two parts has to offer me. Please feel free to write to me at I plan on eventually adding future parts to this series at some point. Thanks to the many writers here whose stories I have enjoyed as a frequent Off Lolita visitor to the Nifty Archive and whom have inspired me to write an erotic story to begin with. I hope that you enjoy reading this story as much as I have really enjoyed writing it. Enjoy!Part 1: "The Pre-Employment Test" Stephanie was a gorgeous (at least that's how she thought about herself) pre-op tranny in her early 30's. Originally born a male, she decided after college to start transitioning to womanhood, a status more befitting her personality and self-identification than her biological designation. She started off with crossdressing full-time and changing her identity and then progressed to taking female hormones and growing her own boobs. Now female in just about every respect other than having a pussy and an actual female reproductive system, she had decided to halt her transformation there, at least for now (and probably for the rest of her life). She had little or no desire to get rid of her cock which, despite the hormones, still worked just fine, thank you Off Lolita very much. Besides, she knew how to use her ass to its full potential so she didn't feel like she was really missing anything by not having a pussy- one that probably wouldn't work right anyway. She worked at a stuffy office pushing paperwork every day and had grown bored of it and wanted a more exciting job even if it was just something on the side. About a week ago she found what she thought she had been looking for and it had led to her recently completed interview with Hannah Sullivan, owner and proprietor of "Creative Endeavors, Inc.," advertised in her local alternative newsmagazine as the best (and perhaps only?) escort service providing dates exclusively with trannies (some people apparently had a particular interest in them). Stephanie felt like she had performed well during the interview, demonstrating that she knew how to dress and act convincingly enough to be an escort. Being an escort seemed to Stephanie like it should be the easiest job in the world. What other job do you get paid just to hang on somebody else's shoulder and enjoy an expensive meal, a movie, or simply a night out on the town at somebody else's expense? Ms. Sullivan appeared to be suitably impressed with her personal attributes and told her that she would hire Stephanie pending successful completion of a pre-employment test. She instructed Stephanie to go back out to the main office and have a seat on their couch. Stephanie thanked Hannah for the opportunity she was offering her and promptly left her office. After leaving Ms. Sullivan's office, she went back out to the main office area and sat down at the couch as instructed by Ms. Sullivan. She noticed a nice looking receptionist chatting on the phone behind her desk in front of the couch. When she saw Stephanie sit down, Stephanie observed her asking whoever she was talking to hold for a minute and she covered the mouthpiece and put the phone down. "So, did you get the job?" she asked pleasantly. "I think so," Stephanie replied. She realized that Ms. Sullivan had left her a bit unsure. "Ms. Sullivan said that she'd tentatively take me on but that I'd have to pass some sort of test." "Great! Well it sounds like she likes you well enough to give you a chance here. "My name is Susan by the way. I make all of the arrangements with our clients." "Yeah, I guess it's a good sign she asked me to stay and take her test," agreed Stephanie. "Oh, don't worry too much about it," Susan said reassuringly with a smile. "It's not difficult at all and I think you might actually enjoy it," said Susan, with a sly grin on her face. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Susan. My name is Stephanie." "I'm certainly pleased Off Lolita to meet you, Stephanie. Could you wait for me in the bathroom for a moment?" "Ummm...sure," replied Stephanie. She was curious about why exactly Susan wanted her to wait for her in the bathroom. Was she going to be tested on her makeup techniques or something? Stephanie felt genuinely puzzled. "Great! I'll be there in a few minutes to administer the test," she advised, starting to return to her phone call. Stephanie went into the bathroom as instructed and sat on a bench. She wondered what kind of "test" she might possibly have to pass before getting a job at an escort service. Fortunately, Stephanie didn't have to wait long before finding out. After about five minutes, Susan slid into the bathroom with her and closed and locked the door behind her. It was just the two of them in there...alone. "So, I bet you're probably going crazy, wondering what kind of test we have in store for you." "Well, yeah, I guess I am kind of curious to find out," she conceded with a mixture of curiosity and anxiety but also some excitement. "As this is, of course, an escort service, it is our primary job is to go out with people on dates and ensure that they enjoy having us as company and, more importantly, ensure that they want to keep coming back and hiring us for dates. "Go on," replied Stephanie. So far she didn't feel like Susan was saying anything he didn't already know but sensed a larger point coming. "O.k. Well, some of our clients want more than just a dining companion or a date," she continued. "And are more than willing to pay us a little extra for...other services," she added vaguely. Susan paused a moment to let that particular inference start to sink in. Stephanie could read between the lines and was beginning to see where Susan was going with this and was now paying rapt attention. "And we provide these services for them too, right?" Susan could see that Stephanie was beginning to understand what she was implying. "Exactly," she exclaimed. What better way to keep them coming back and paying our agency MORE money," she asked rhetorically. "How exactly do you feel about that," she queried as though it was a question that Off Lolita any interviewer might ask a prospective employee. Stephanie's cock actually answered the question first by stiffening and then beginning to strain against the satin walls of her panties. "You mean, after a free date, I may get sex as well," she asked incredulously. She could hardly believe her luck and good fortune. For a while now, her dildo and other miscellaneous erotic novelties had been her only source of sexual gratification whenever she needed it and lately she had been feeling that their appeal had been steadily wearing thin. Susan nodded her head affirmatively but looked somewhat tentative. "Yes. "However...," she added cautiously. We DO have certain rules when it comes to these special services and you need to know all about them if you are ever asked about providing them," she added, adopting a markedly serious tone. "O.k. What are they," inquired Stephanie cautiously. "First and most importantly, we do NOT advertise these services," she stated. "And any such activities and discussion thereof must be kept VERY discreet," she quickly added. We don't want anybody to start thinking that our escort service is really some kind of prostitution ring and none of us want to get busted and get our business shut down. So, you need to make sure that whatever you and your clients end up doing sexually is specifically asked for by your client and kept WELL away from prying eyes. "Understood," she asked Stephanie, looking at her straight in her eyes as though she was attempting to pierce them. Susan was determined to make sure that this point was crystal clear with all of their prospective employees. While escort services like Creative Endeavors, Inc. were technically legal and it was generally understood by most people that sexual activity could always potentially end up occurring during an assignment, they still couldn't advertise that anything other companionship would occur. Plus, Susan knew that they could be propositioning an undercover cop for all they knew so caution and careful client screening was always essential. "Understood," replied Stephanie. She could tell Susan was REALLY serious about those particular agency standards. Fortunately, for her, Stephanie tended to keep to herself for the most part and tried not to draw any attention to herself, so she didn't think it would be a problem for her. "Is there anything else I should know?" "Yes. We always demand that condoms be used by employees and clients during ANY kind of sexual activity. We don't want ANY of our employees getting sick or spreading anything around our clients.""Or getting the health department involved, right," asked Stephanie. "Basically, the rule of thumb is: no glove, no love, right," she clarified. "Exactly," confirmed Susan. "Before you and your client start sucking or fucking or whatever, you need to make sure that a condom is on your cock or theirs." "But, pretty much anything and everything is fair game in terms of activities," Stephanie asked hopefully. "Yes," replied Susan, reassuringly. "Do you know how to use condoms and do think that you can abide by these agency standards," she asked Stephanie. "Oh yes to both, definitely," agreed Stephanie. Stephanie had sometimes used condoms on herself while masturbating so she definitely knew how to use them. She also had no desire whatsoever to get herself or other people sick. After going through the agency rules, Susan's demeanor softened. "Although our primary goal is to make sure our clients are well satisfied, we, of course, want you to be able to enjoy yourself while you're out with clients as well. And I imagine that if you do a good job with them, most of our clients will be more than happy to reciprocate." "Great," replied Stephanie, her enthusiasm transforming into mild euphoria. "I don't have any problems performing any extra services for our clients if they want them. And I'll be sure to follow whatever policies the agency has in place," she made sure to add. They seemed like pretty common-sense guidelines to her. "Good," replied Susan. "Now, it's time for your test." "O.k.," replied Stephanie anxiously. She was pretty sure what it was going to be by now but wanted to ask anyway. "I want to do a little role-playing with you and see how you handle yourself." "O.k.," replied Stephanie, anxiously. WHAT exactly was she going to be asked to do? "First, come over here and sit with me on this bench," Susan requested politely. Susan sat down and got comfortable and Stephanie immediately sat down next to her. Susan proceeded to put her arm around Stephanie and leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. This sign of affection and having another person close to her after such a long period of time being alone made Stephanie's heart flutter a little bit and helped put her at ease. "Just imagine that I'm a prospective client and we're on a date and we've just gone back to my place and we're starting to get comfortable at a motel or home and I decide that I want some...umm...extra pleasure." Off Lolita "Oh, o.k.," said Stephanie, trying to put herself in the role mentally. "Stephanie, I've had such a wonderful time on our date and really want you. Would you please suck my cock dry," Susan asked, longingly. "Ummm...sure," Stephanie replied. She continued to sit on the bench facing Susan trying to figure out exactly what she wanted her to do. Susan began clearing her throat and tilting her head down towards the floor. She really wants to get into this role play, thought Stephanie. She slid off the bench and kneeled in front of Susan. "Good," Susan replied, looking down approvingly at her. With that, she reached down and gently grabbed Stephanie's hands and guided them underneath her skirt toward her panties. Stephanie took the hint and slowly began pulling Susan's panties down to her feet and then, on her own, she raised up Susan's skirt revealing not a pussy but instead a bulging cock. Stephanie couldn't keep herself from admiring the beauty of it even though she hadn't been expecting it. "You're a..." Stephanie stammered in response, unable to complete her sentence." "Yes, Stephanie, I'm a tranny just like you and I've still got my cock. Hannah is a tranny too. Are you really surprised?" "Well, no, I guess not," Stephanie admitted a little sheepishly. Now that she thought about it, what other kind of person would want to start up and operate a tranny escort service? "Good. Now that you know that I have a cock, will you please suck it nice and dry for me," she asked. "Wait a minute. Does Hannah know about this...test?" Susan started seeming exasperated. Stephanie could even see her roll her eyes. "Yes, of course she does!" Now, please suck my cock!" Susan decided she was through with throwing out hints at their new recruit. She forcefully grabbed Stephanie's head and tried to shove Stephanie's head right onto her cock. Stephanie resisted and freed her head from Susan's hands and looked up at Susan in shock. "Whoa! Wait a minute," exclaimed Stephanie. "What is it? What's the matter?!" Susan spoke with an exaggeratedly self-righteous tone. "Don't you have anything offer somebody who's just treated you to such a wonderful date?" Stephanie remembered that this was a test and that her becoming an employee with Creative Endeavors, Inc. hinged on her making the correct decisions and responding to such situations appropriately. She adopted the most professional tone she could muster and took at stab. "Of course I do. However, I can't suck your beautiful cock without a condom on. Agency policy, you see." Stephanie gave Susan a quick wink. Susan smiled down at her approvingly. "Oh, well, why didn't you just say so," She then reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out an unwrapped condom that she handed to Stephanie. "That should do fine, thank you," Stephanie replied. She grabbed Susan's beautiful cock and started stroking it until he was sure she was hard enough for a condom. She then proceeded to unroll and sheath Susan's nice hard cock with the condom. Susan acknowledged her approval of Stephanie's ability to properly unroll a condom onto a cock with a slight affirmative head nod. Stephanie then proceeded to wrap her lips around her cock and began taking it in and out of her mouth slowly being careful to not go so deep that she might gag. In a moment of inspiration, she took Susan's cock out of her mouth and enveloped her ball sac for a couple of minutes-"tea bagging" her- and then resumed sucking her cock. She had never actually sucked cock before but had seen lots of pictures and videos of it being done and tried to emulate the performers as best as she could. However, whatever she was doing clearly seemed to be pleasing Susan as she had leaned back and closed her eyes and begun making increasingly audible moans of pleasure as Stephanie continued sucking her gorgeous cock. She kind of wished she could taste Susan's actual "meat" instead of the latex condom she was wearing over it but given that she was getting a chance to suck cock, something that she had fantasized about doing for a long time, it hardly seemed like that much of a trade-off for her. After what seemed like a glorious eternity of sucking cock, Susan let out a sudden gasp and then a series of moans as her cock and body suddenly started rapidly convulsing. Stephanie kept Susan's cock in her mouth and could feel the warmth of Susan's man cream slowly filling the tip of the condom as she loudly moaned in orgasmic ecstasy. If anybody was in the office area outside, Stephanie was sure they could hear them in there. Stephanie kept going at her cock for another couple of minutes after which Susan gently removed Stephanie's head from her sheathed cock. As Stephanie withdrew from Susan's cock, Susan's eyes continued to remain closed and Stephanie thought she looked like she had just been taken to the highest level of bliss imaginable. Stephanie remained on her knees for a couple of minutes admiring her handiwork and watched as Susan's huge cock slowly began shrinking back to its normal size. Stephanie gazed admiringly at the massive pool of man cream now resting inside Susan's lipstick smeared condom. Finally after a couple more minutes had passed, Susan finally regained her composure (and balance) and opened her eyes and stared down at Stephanie in what looked to Stephanie like disbelief and/or amazement. "Oh Stephanie," Susan exclaimed, while looking Off Lolita down at Stephanie and gently stroking Stephanie's hair as Stephanie looked upon her like a student who had just made her teacher/master proud. "Wow! That was amazing!" "Really?" asked Stephanie. "That was my first time ever sucking cock." "Oh yes" Susan enthusiastically reassured her. "You must be a natural-born cocksucker!" Stephanie felt pleased with herself. "Well, did I pass the test," she asked. She was certain of what the answer would be but still wanted to hear it from Susan anyway. "Oh yes. You certainly DID pass the test. Not only that but you kept your wits about you enough to insist on following agency policy about the use of condoms. Sorry, I got a little rough with you for a moment but I had to make sure you knew how to Off Lolita handle difficult situations. We try to screen our clients carefully and review all of our Off Lolita policies with them before the dates but there may be a few whom try to push things too far. We do give all of our employees their own cell phones in case of emergencies, so if something like that were to happen, you should try to leave and call for assistance. Thankfully, none of our sisters have had any dire problems with their clients and I don't have any worries about you being able and willing to perform all of the duties of an employee of Creative Endeavors, Inc. In fact, I'm going to tell Hannah that we may have a real prodigy on our hands!" "Thanks!" Stephanie blushed with pride at Susan's generous compliments. She hadn't heard so much good feedback and effusive praise at any of her most recent jobs. "I can't wait to start, especially if there's a possibility that I get to do things like THIS on a regular basis AND get paid for it," she stated enthusiastically. "Now that we're done with your test, Stephanie, I bet you're pretty worked up and can probably use a little relief as well," observed Susan. "Perhaps, we can consider it to be my welcome aboard present?" Stephanie knew what was coming next and, oh yes, she knew she could definitely use a little "relief". Her cock was straining to get out of her panties and her balls felt really full and achy right now. Oh yes, she DID need some "relief". No doubt about it. And she didn't have any doubt that he was going to be getting it- really soon. Susan took her used condom off her now flaccid and still dripping cock and held it downwards with her fingers. She stood up- leaving her panties lying on the floor-as she walked over to the trashcan and wrapped up the condom in a paper towel and threw it in the trash can. She made sure to bend over ever so slightly so that she could show off her voluptuous ass. For a brief moment, Stephanie imagined shoving her cock right up her ass and taking her right then and there- but she knew better than to try something like THAT. However, fantasizing about fucking Susan's ass had made her cock and balls began to ache even worse than they were already feeling. Susan then walked back over to Stephanie and gently lifted Stephanie to her feet and nudged her down onto the bench she had been resting on during her blow job. As soon as Stephanie was comfortable on the bench, Susan knelt on the floor and pulled down Stephanie's panties. Stephanie's cock and balls instantly sprang free from their satin prison. "Oh, Stephanie," exclaimed Susan. "You have such a beautiful cock," complimented Susan as she eyeballed Stephanie's "package". "Thanks," Stephanie replied, leaning back and closing her eyes. Stephanie thought to herself that regardless of the fact that somebody (or something) had gotten the rest of her body wrong at birth, he/she/it had definitely got at least one part of her anatomy perfect. Susan produced another condom out of her skirt pocket and hastily tore the condom wrapper open. As Stephanie had done with her, Susan pumped Stephanie's cock with her hand for a couple of minutes until it seemed hard enough for her to sheath with a condom. No sooner had Susan sheathed Stephanie's cock, she began aggressively sucking it even stopping to momentarily devour Stephanie's ball sac as she had done with her earlier. Stephanie began making her own girlish moans of pleasure as Susan continued working her cock in and out of her mouth. Then, unexpectedly, Stephanie felt a single lubed finger headed under her butt and pressing on her asspussy, seemingly asking to be invited in. Stephanie, no stranger to the pleasures of her asspussy, eagerly let Susan's finger inside to do what it seemed to want to do. Between Susan sucking her cock and expertly fingering her prostate, it was only a matter of minutes (seconds?) before Stephanie was furiously shooting HER massive load of man cream into her condom. It was so intense and incredible that Stephanie momentarily thought she might slide off the bench but Susan gently held on to her and helped keep her propped up as her body was wracked by multiple convulsions of orgasmic pleasure. Stephanie thought it lucky that she didn't bang her head against the wall. As Stephanie had done with her, Susan continued sucking her cock until Stephanie's raging hard on had finally began to subside. While carefully withdrawing her mouth from her cock and her finger from Stephanie's asspussy, Susan gently pulled herself back Off Lolita up to face Stephanie whose eyes had temporarily retreated back into her eyelids from the sheer intensity of her massive orgasm. "Well, how was that for a welcome aboard present?" asked Susan eagerly. It took Stephanie a couple of minutes to regain her composure enough to answer. "That was simply wonderful," exclaimed Stephanie once she had come to. And she wasn't lying to her to be nice either. Never in her life had she had such a wonderful blow job. However, Stephanie had to remind herself that Susan, being the proud owner of a cock herself, probably instinctively knew how to best pleasure cock, an advantage that other women she had dated (as a guy) in the past obviously did not and never could possess. "Good." She replied, as she pulled her panties and skirt back on and brushing her brown wavy hair out of her face with her hands. "I'll leave you to get changed so that you can head on home. I've got to start closing up the office for the evening. I'll see you again sometime next week after we get your first date all set up for you, o.k.?" "Great. I can't wait," exclaimed Stephanie, weakly offering up her hand to Susan for her to shake. "Thanks but there's no need to be THAT formal around her, Stephanie", she said suggestively. She then bent over Stephanie, wrapped her arms around Stephanie's back and gave her the strongest hug and deepest tongued kiss that Stephanie had ever experienced. It was so intense for her that once again she feared she might buckle over under the sheer intensity of the experience. Even though she was totally spent, Stephanie even felt her cock starting to tingle again. After about a minute, Susan's passionate embrace ended and she withdrew from Stephanie and left the bathroom. Stephanie remained sitting on the bench for a few minutes before finally regaining enough strength to get rid of her used condom and pull her panties back on. She could faintly hear Susan chatting with Hannah about how well she had passed the test and how excited that they were about getting more clients now that she would be working for them. Stephanie felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction and happiness that she hadn't felt for a long time and simply couldn't wait to start her new job.
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